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Inter Milan Away Shirt 2009/10

Inter Milan Away Shirt 2009/10
Since its founding in 1908, Inter have worn black and blue stripes. It is rumored that black was chosen to represent night and blue was chosen to represent the sky.Aside from a short period during the World War II, Inter continued to wear the black and blue stripes, earning them the nickname Nerazzurri. For a period of time, however, Inter was forced to abandon their black and blue uniforms. In 1928, Inter's name and philosophy made the ruling Fascist Party uneasy. As a result, during the same year the 20-year-old club was merged with Unione Sportiva Milanese. The new club was named Ambrosiana SS Milano after the patron saint of Milan.  The flag of Milan (the red cross on white background) replaced the traditional black and blue. After World War II the Fascists fell out of power, allowing Ambrosiana to revert to take back their original name and colors. In 2008, Inter celebrated their centenary with a red cross on their away shirt. Reminiscent of the flag of their city, the pattern continues to be used on their third kit to this day.


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